Tags for whole Recast- and NavMeshGraphs


I can`t quite get the RichAI to work with combination of RecastGraphs and NavMeshGraphs? I need both because my “player” units can walk walls and ceiling but the enemy units cannot. How I control tags/layers of complete graphs of NavMeshGraphs&RecastGraph? - the option seems to be missing. I do not get it.


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I want to cry. This should be so simple - yet can`t make it happen : (

After some more searching I guess I should use graphmask for this? graphmask
Workflow could be better regarding multiple graphs like this.


Yes, the graphmask would be the best approach.
Something like (written directly in the browser, I have not tested this exact code)

var path = ABPath.Construct(...);
var graphMask = 1 << 0; // If you for example want to search the 1st graph
seeker.StartPath(path, OnPathComplete, graphMask);
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Hi Aaron,

Thanks! It seems that the Behaviour Designer&A* has most things defined as a virtual functions so I guess this is works as a solution!

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