Tag Objects as Unwalkable

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make certain objects walkable, while other objects not. My levels are comprised of walkable mesh objects and non-walkable mesh objects that clip through each other.

As a concrete example, there is a sandy beach mesh and rocks/boats/other obstacles that have been placed into the sand that the player cannot walk on.

I am using recast. I don’t really see any other way as I can’t pre-build the navmesh in maya as that would require knowing exactly where the rocks are.

Is it possible to do this similar to the way unity navmeshes do this?


The easiest solution, albeit a bit hackish is to simply create an invisible mesh filter which is taller than the actual rock/boat so that the recast algorithm will think it is sort of a wall there. You could probably use simply an invisible cube which is scaled and positioned around the rocks/boats.

I see that there is a “Graph Update Scene Editor” I’m probably totally out of depth for this feature request, but perhaps is it possible to either:
a) have the RecastGenerator check a particular “tag” or “layer” and avoid that area as if it had a vertical wall around it.
b) allow the “Graph Update Scene” script grab the flattened X-Z bounds of the mesh object rather than a manual shape creator then “disable” or “modify walkability” or “penalize”?

Sorry if I’m asking too much. I just thought when we purchased this that I could create similar navmeshes to how unity does it. I have terrain with sloping rocks that visually indicate you cannot walk, but based on their face angles of inclination, your version of recast allows it to be walkable.