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Strange Red Line that Follows Player Object Y Axis

Anyone ever seen this before? I am running AStar * Pathfinding with Behavior Designer and not sure which one might be causing this. Is this normal? I haven’t seen this happen before. To describe it, there is a red line pointing up (Y) that follows the object when I move it and each lines appears and then disappears after a while as it follows the player. It almost looks like a raycast but I am not sure. There is nothing on my player object except for a simple movement script. (no AStar or Behaviors are on my player object - only on the object that seeks the player after ‘seeing’ it.)


I don’t think this comes from the A* Pathfinding Project. I think some other script (maybe Behavior Designer) draws that line.

How can I disable the AStar debug lines in the editor? ie. the green line that shows the path solution?

please disregard

I found where to disable this on the seeker component but it still shows that red line. hmm.

I have discovered that this red line shown here is the same red line that appears on my player once ‘seen’. I have an initial seek to point that gets updated once the player is ‘seen’. Which means that once ‘seen’ evals to true, the path updates and of course moves the line from the original destination to my player. When I move my player around that line repeats itself over time, thus creating that duplicate line effect shown above. I am, however, still not 100% sure where that line is coming from. It shows even after disabling ALL gizmos in the editor.Capture_2---Copy