Stopping an enemy A* path when enemy hit by bullet

Hi, any tips on how to do this? I’ve tried doing things like
Seeker seeker = hit.GetComponent();
path = null

I haven’t got it to work, it’s probably me doing something silly but would appreciate some help on this!

What is your desired behavior?? And can you post the script you are using to move your units?

I’m using the example MineBotAI and seeker scripts in the examples folder. But none of the examples show how to tell your AI to stop seeking. I’ve tried suggestions on other threads about setting the path to null.

There is a number of things you can do :: you can have the MineBotAI stop when hit by adding a not hit condition to the update~

bool Hit = false;
protected new void Update () {

	//Get velocity in world-space
	Vector3 velocity;
	if (canMove && !Hit) {