Stairs not right with Recast Graph scan

Hello, I’m using Recast Graph and notice that it doesn’t look right with stairs either the models stairs or probuilder stairs. The generated data get beneath the surface of upper floor and stairs near the middle of them. And when agent move near this area they get stuck.
I’ve tried to change the parameters of Recast Graph, set Max Border Edge Length to 0.1, and Max Edge Error to 0. I looks more approximated to the real geometry, but still not matching correctly. And there are too many clustered triangles of the data which I don’t know if it’s a good practice. So what can I do to match the Recast scan result best with stairs geometry?
As a comparison I use the unity navmesh to bake the result, see the generated mesh data is overlapping the stairs a little, it’s fine as when my AI agents move with CharacterController gravity would let them snap to the surface of stairs geometry.


The navmesh doesn’t care that much about y coordinates, actually. This is the expected result. The included movement scripts all use physics for positioning themselves on the ground, so if the navmesh is not perfectly accurate along the y-axis, it shouldn’t matter that much.
However, if you add more detail to the scene, the navmesh will get more accurate along the y-axis too since it will add more triangles.

You’re right, I just find it nothing with the navmesh. It’s probably about the RVO Controller I use.
I’ve record a short clip about how it appears.
One zombie has RVOController and the other has no.
The one who has RVO will get stuck near the edge, and when RVO disabled it will continue to move.

It collides with everything by default and I set it to Default Agent then it works right
It works good now , but I’m still wondering why the avoidance would get effected by level geometry.


This might have been fixed in the latest update. You could try that out and see how it goes.

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