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Smoothing modifier not working


So I applied the SimpleSmooth modifier to my component, and for some reason it doesnt seem to be working.

My component looks like this:

Then this code for finding my path:

For some reason, my path is still very erratic, and changing the settings in the SimpleSmooth component dont change anything.

FWIW: I definitely had this working. Im not sure what I’ve done that would have changed this. Also worth noting that I did just update to v4.2.15.


Could you post a screen shot of the path?

Here it is with our line renderer. The line renderer smooths it a bit visually, but you can see the sharp cut at the bottom left.

Im not sure how to show the that A* draws, but here you can see the path moving through the grid:

Is there a way to force modifiers to run? I’ve tried to manually add the modifier to the seeker. If I call _seeker.RunModifiers(), would that help anything?

@aron_granberg I’ve done a bit more digging.

It seems it is picking up my modifier, but not applying it maybe? Is this possibly an issue with the LayeredGridGraph? It seems my character cannot move diagonally. Have a look at this example:

Bumping this just in case its been missed…


Your max segment length on the modifier is quite high. The modifier will split the path into segments that are about “max segment length” long. Try reducing that value.

The modifier should run automatically. You can also run it manually by calling seeker.PostProcess(path).

Hey @aron_granberg. Thanks, I’ve set it to 1 but it still seems choppy. It seems though that my characters cant move diagonally. Is there something I have to do to do that? I am using a LayeredGridGraph, if it makes a difference?

Layered grid graphs do not support diagonal connections in the 4.2.x and lower. However they are supported in 4.3.x (see
You can also use the RaycastModifier to simplify the path significantly and make the units take a straighter path.

Note that max segment length is a float. You can reduce it to smaller values than 1. E.g. 0.5 or 0.2.

Ah, amazing. how stable is 4.3.x? I see that its currently markes as beta

It’s pretty stable.
The grid graph is missing some features, but for the most part it’s better than 4.2.x.