Show Grid becomes active at runtime

The grid becomes visible in Scene view while I run the game, even if I switched it off. It’s a bit annoying needing to go to the A* and unmark it; sometimes after doing this it doesn’t show on next editor run, but I am unsure of what triggers it exactly.

If you disable ‘Show Graphs’ in the A* inspector then the graph will not be visible when the game runs.
Note that you need to do this outside of play mode.

I did… three times this morning. After I run the game in editor and then I stop it, it gets enabled again.

No big deal, and doesn’t happen always.

Just want to confirm that every day I work on my scene I still need to turn off the “show graphs” multiple times, both during runtime and outside of it, and still the next day the Show Graphs is marked on. I am pretty sure I have not turned it on, since I am not doing any work with the grid on this scene.

Am I really the only one with this (admittedly very minor) issue?

It has happened since I switched to 2020.1, through all versions.

I have not seen this happen to anyone else.
It sounds like serialization is not happening for some reason, but I have no idea why…