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Seeker seems to overstep, moving erratically

How do I make it so that it goes in a straight line and turns right when it needs to turn and maintain straight path after?

It seems to go in a sort-of straight line, then when it’s time to turn, it oversteps and tries to get back onto the path. All I want is simple straight line along X/Y axis, no curving or diagonal whatsoever.

Here’s what it’s doing at game run:

Here’s what I want it to do (me manually mocking the experience):

I want it to go straight up 3 squares, then over 3 squares, no other funny business like the first video does.


If you want it to follow the path exactly then I can recommend that you use the AILerp script instead of the AIPath script. It will just interpolate along the path. See also the recommended setup here: Documentation and the discussion about different movement scripts here: Documentation