RVO Sliding and pathfinding

Hey guys,

Huge fan of A* however I am having an issue where when my player is surrounded by a crowd(imagine an RTS unit surrounded by attackers) of RVO agents and I click where I want him to move a couple of things happen I am not sure about

a)the path it generates seems to not care too much about the agents, don’t know if this is normal or not( it generates straight through the crowd)

b) the controller after some jittering and time realises that it cant go through and does try to go around but then as it nears the corner of the “wall of agents” it seems to try to cut through the edge agent and slows down and gets caught/jitters like crazy until eventually it goes around

not sure what information would help here, but I am using the following:

Grid Graph
AIPath on player and agents with only a small script for point and click that creates a transform and click target
simple smooth
rvo controller
rvo sim ( I find that adjusting any settings here do nothing, I have tried every setting at min and max and really high numbers, the only thing that seems to help is having the step at about 6 or 7 or higher however the agents start pathing wildly at this level)

I would think that the max distance to neighbour setting would take care of this but changing this value has no affect on the rvo controllers path. I have ideas about the jitters being a velocity problem however the root cause is the suggested path in the first place.

Any help would be appercaited, any more info that could be of help just ask! my email info is gracengaming@hotmail.com