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RVO causes jittery movement

hello, I changed 1st param of AIBase.MovementUpdate from Time.deltaTime(or fixedDeltaTime) to 0.1f, because I want to make this plugin to run on the server.
Then problem comes: When I move a unit to a new place with a fast speed(the first precondition) when it is moving to the old place, if this unit has RVO controller(the second precondition) then it will move with shake.
If I disable RVO or slow down the unit`s speed then this problem will not occur.


It sounds like you want to use a fixed movement step for everything? Not something controlled by the rendering speed?

yes, i thought sth was wrong with rvo, my version is 4.2.15

Running RVO at such a low frame rate is normally not recommended. It’s a too low frame rate to give you a good simulation quality.
Also the RVO simulator kinda assumes that you move the character at the same frame rate as the rest of the game. You will need to modify the RVO simulator to use a fixed timestep too if that’s necessary.