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RichAI goes out of its way to "touch" a NavmeshCut


When a unit stops, I enable a NavmeshCut, so that units correctly path around the stopped unit, instead of bashing themselves against it, hoping to slide around it.

Strangely enough, when there is a straight path to the goal, no hills, or other obstructions, even when perfectly flat, they will go out of their way to “touch base” with a nearby NavmeshCut, before continuing to their destination.

Very strange. Any ideas?

This might be solved by having smaller tile sizes, as it has solved quite a bit of the weird paths I was encountering. I need to recreate the example to be certain.

If you have further thoughts, I’d appreciate it.

Smaller tile sizes helps a lot, but it still seems to heavily prefer driving near corners/edges near an exposed untraversible edge.

It also seems to avoid the tiniest hills like the plague, as I have mentioned in other threads. I don’t have any fancy modifiers or anything.

Any ideas why?