A* Pathfinding Project

RichAI destination Path type


I need to check if Rich AI is trying to reach a Node2 link, how would I go about this?

Found I can check RichPath parts list.

But I would much rather use the RichFunnel end target since it stops at the Node2 so I dont have to search through the list.



You can register to the RichAI.onTraverseOffMeshLink callback to receive a callback when the agent is trying to traverse an off mesh link. See https://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/richai.html#onTraverseOffMeshLink


I need to know if RichAI is planning on doing it not when he is already on it…
ie: is one of the parts in RichPath an OffmeshLink?

The gizmo for RichAi funnel path stops at OffMeshLinks so I asumed I can check there.

There are multiple reasons I need this, but to give an example:

if your next link is OffMeshLink disable slowdown etc.


I agree that knowing if there id going to be an off mesh link would be a great feature.

Currently the support for off mesh links is very limited. I’m sure it’s on the lengthy to do list.


I went on with my original idea to check the parts list in RichPath. Its very similar to how GetCurrentPart function does it.


I think previously I used to compare the Y differences of each node. Though that’s not the greatest for performance