A* Pathfinding Project

Rich Ai zombies army!


i tried to pathfinding of zombies army [2000 agents] on big graph with 4.3 on 2020.1 …

but have these problems:

1st) drop frames when using RVO [18 fps] vs without RVO [65 fps].

2nd) after some of seconds i got these errors and pathfinding does not working anymore and army is stopped at their places :[

so, how to fix??



I’ve never seen that error before. Would you mind giving me the stack trace of the top error?

Regarding performance, are you sure burst compilation is enabled in your project?


ok …
i made my codes better and upgraded to 2020.1.0b3 …
now everything is good :]

and another question:
how can i pathfinding of multi targets with Rich Ai??


What do you mean by



nothing …
solved it :]