Recast graph obstacles/cost in only one direction?

I have some one-way doors in my game, where if you push one one side, you can go through, but pushing from the other side doesn’t open the door. Ideally agents would know they can pass through from A to B, but not from B to A.

I know I can set up a link in this case in a Point graph, making the link one-way. But I wondered if there was any way to model this purely in a recast graph? To put it another way, imagine a room had wind blowing in one direction. Agents should know they can easily go “with” the wind, but they should avoid going “against” the wind.

Is that possible with a recast graph? Or will need need to set up a NodeLink for this kind of thing?

recast graph does not have a system for one way connections,
though NodeLinks do. so that would be the way to go

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