Recast graph not graphing upper platforms

Im just getting started and am not sure how to get the recast graph to cover the higher areas, it is only graphing the floor level. Thanks in advance for any help!


Have you set the Size Y maybe?

Thank you for the idea but I had already snapped the bounds and it accurately set the height although I did try some larger values but had the same result.

I think you need to

  1. Lower your character radius a bit.
  2. Lower your cell size a bit to allow better resolution.

I think with your current settings the script thinks the upper platforms are too small for the character.

Thank you, Aron. I am coming from Unity’s built-in navmesh system where you define a list of agent sizes. How does this work in your system, is there a place to create a list of agent sizes? also does a separate mesh need to be created for each size and if so how do I create the different meshes? Thanks again for your help, very much appreciated!


You can take a look at this tutorial:

doh apologies that I overlooked that. Thank you!

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