A* Pathfinding Project

Recast Graph Creation Process


Hi, I am considering purchasing the pro version of your package, but have one important question before I am comfortable doing so. I have been trying to get Unity’s native Navmesh to work for far too long. One of the biggest problems I faced was caused by Unity’s Navmesh creation process, during which it would create a walkable Navmesh area within non-walkable geometry. Here are a few pictures to better explain the issue:

Image outside of a non-walkable area surrounded by the walkable navmesh.

Image inside of non-walkable area. As you can see there is a walkable area within the non-walkable object.

All this to say, does your Recast system cull the area within the non-walkable geometry?



This package will also create a walkable surface inside of the object. This is because it’s not really possible to differentiate the inside and outside of meshes in practice (most meshes are not watertight in games for performance reasons) so the system has no way of knowing what the inside is.

If you use a grid graph it will however not generate walkable nodes inside the sphere because the grid graph uses the physics system instead.

I’d like to add however that having this walkable region inside an object is usually perfectly fine even if you don’t intend for the character to reach it. It does not add much of a performance penalty and the player cannot reach it anyway.


My game will allow the player to move by clicking on the map. Does your package provide solutions to move the character to the nearest point, if the player were to click on the interior of the non-walkable object? Unity calculates an incomplete path and the player will not move.



Yes, the agent will try to move to the closest point on the navmesh that it can reach.