Questions Abouf Lockstep Game with A* Pathfinding Pro

Hi there!
I am working on a lockstep game now. And my game requires that the outcome from all game systems predicatable, which means the outcome need to be the same with the same system input.
For now, I have implemented fixed point structure instead of float, and strictly update call for my game requirements.
I am planning to use a* pathfinding pro for nav system of my game. I wonder if the project supports the lockstep game, or what should I do on the asset to make sure the outcome is same.


None of the built-in movement scripts support lockstep, however you can write your own that do.

Pathfinding is deterministic and mostly uses integer coordinates (the only time floating point coordinates are used is for finding the nearest node to a given point).
You probably want to use path.BlockUntilCalculated to calculate paths synchronously instead of asynchronously.