A* Pathfinding Project

Problem About DynamicGridObstacle


When I use DynamicGridObstacle,there is the performancemesh1 .
But I SetActive the gameobject fasle,the problem occursmesh2 .
And this is the inspector showing

One more question,what should I do to avoid the navemesh above obstcles?



Do you get any errors in the console when this happens?


No,I can use “scan” button in the “AstarPath” script to correct the navemesh ,but use code can not…


There is no error in the console.I have no idea about that and some scenes it performs well.Another one is the redundant mesh above the cubes that need to clear.What should I do to solve the problems:slightly_frowning_face:



I cannot replicate this issue. Is there anything else that you know that might help with tracking down the issue?
Which version are you using?


The version is 4.1.16 .And the collision area mesh before and after
was same value.



I think a few bugs may have been fixed after that version. Try to download the latest version from here: https://www.arongranberg.com/astar/download


The issue is solved.The reason is that We set cellsize value is not equal with the value that we set in game play.Sorry to nearly forget clarifying the reason until now