Preprocessor directives

Hi dear everyone!

I saw some commented directives in some serializer scripts. #define ASTAR_NO_JOSON #define ASTAR_NO_ZIP
there is an explanation behind them that says if i outcomment them i can delete that 3rd party dlls.
Since i dont need them i would like to delete them and reduce build size, but i get compile errors if i outcomment them. I searched for them where they are used but i did not find any occurences.

Is this pro feature or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks forward, johnyka


They are used in multiple scripts, make sure you uncomment all of them.
Preprocessor directives are mostly used in the pro version, because the pro version has an editor interface for enabling and disabling them.
The zip and json libraries are used by the pathfinding project, they can be stripped out, but with some drawbacks. Disabling json will make the data less future and backwards compatible, so it might break on updates. Disabling zip will make the saved data much larger (if cached startup or saving to file is used).

Thanks your answer but i am still in trouble :frowning:
I searched for all of them in the solution and uncommented them. when i wrote i did not find any occurences i meant i dont find anything that depends on it like #if ASTAR_NO_JSON

Anyways it is not that important its small enough next to my game i was just curious. and thanks for this project :slight_smile:

I have only tested stripping out json with the pro version, so there might be some pro only code that is required for it to work.

Thanks for you help :slight_smile: