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Please Help me (Low poly terrain or mesh Path)

I make game by Low poly Terrain
but It is not real terrain, It is like Added Low poly Meshes
I don’t know how to I make Path in here
I see your document, and I can’t find “Terrain Use method” except demo scene (but I can’t know how to use it), and Complex meshes(like low poly ground)
please help me…
I think I am not good programmer, but I can’t use it even I read your document…

Oh for reference, I use Pro version, not free version


Assuming you are using a grid graph (which I would recommend for this kind of terrain), the only thing you have to do is to make sure the object has a collider. Then make sure the grid graph -> height testing layer mask includes the layer that the terrain collider is in.

Thanks to fast reply!!
So You mean “Terrain or Ground must has Collider(Box or Mesh ETC)”?
And Split some Layer, and Add layer each object… and Control in Pathfinder.cs’s Height Testing header inspector right?

Yes. That’s exactly right.