Pathfinding on client side & on server side


I’m about to give a try at your Unity plugin, but I have a question first.
I’ve read some posts on the forum and the plugin documentation, and it seems that it is possible to export the navmeshes or grids information to a custom file.
Would it be possible to feed a server with that data and use it to check correct positions ?
I mean, I would obviously use the plugin on the client side to move my players, but if my server is authoritative and have the same data, i could in theory check correct positions ? Something like checking where the player wants to go, accept, let the client move, then checking position in the end ?

I might be wrong but I think having player pathfinding on client side would be sufficient no ?
And if I want npcs or ai’s movement on server side, I could use a different algorithm cause I’ve read re implementing your plugin on a server side would be too much effort, the only important thing is to share data between client and server ?


Are you running unity on your server too or is it a custom server?

No that would be a complete custom server, no Unity running on server side.

I suppose it is feasible, but it is not that easy as you’d have to re-implement pathfinding on the sever anyway.
Usually for online games you’d calculate paths on an authorative sever and send them to the clients.