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OpenXR fails to start with Scan On Awake

I am having this weird problem. When I have scan on awake checked, OpenXR (Camera) does not load, as in game does not load in VR. What could be causing this? I wouldn’t thing there’s any relation ship.

Does the pathfinder script have something to do with Input System or camera?? @aron_granberg

If course I can click scan after everything loads then it is fine.


I’m not sure what could cause that. Do you see any errors in the log?

I can’t recall, definitely no errors but let me see if there’s any logs when I try again. I will let you know.

When I disable the whole game object with Pathfinder (main a* component) or uncheck above option game goes in to VR, otherwise no VR.

I am leaving this here if anyone else runs into this: This seems like a unity bug.

[1.2.2] - 2021-06-01

Fixed a bug when using SteamVR runtime that would cause the view to stop rendering and input to stop tracking if the main thread stalled for too long.

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