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Open/Closed doors matter

@aron_granberg , a different thing with those!

Can I, by activating navmeshCut components make the result of opening/closing doors? As, upon opening doors, the character should be able to walk further. If the mesh is generated before have and navMesh cut is disabled - would it work?

What would be the best way?

  • Olafs


Yes. In fact, if you check one of the example scenes called “Door” then you’ll see that it uses a navmesh cut.


Obviously, I don’t have the demos installed… :smiley:
BUT - I just disable such GameObject and the dude can venture further, right?
//doublechecking, as I tend to miss something even in simpliest of answers :slight_smile:

Yes. Disabling the navmesh cut will restore the navmesh under it to how it looked originally.

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