Need Help or Recommendation about making knockback on character


I’m new here. I’ve purchased pro version few days ago.

I’m using Recast navmesh on RPG project. In my project, for example, big enemy can hit player then player is knockbacked few meters due to some forces. The problem I have is that the player can leave navmesh in that case if he stand near edge of navmesh. It seem that there is no constrained with Navmesh in AIPath or RichAI.

How can I solve it? Any good idea?

I solved it with using GetNearestNode in LateUpdate for every unit object. It should be expensive, right?

and because of currently missing local avoidence, I change navi & pathfinding library with Unity built-in module. When can I get correct local avoidence feature? If not, I have to claim to money back…;

GetNearest in LateUpdate for every unity can be a bit expensive, but that depends on how many units you have. It is not that expensive (profile it).

Right now it doesn’t look like local avoidance feature will get added back any time soon unfortunately. If you really feel the project has no value for you anymore, you may contact me on aron.g@me[dot]com so we can arrange for you to get your money back.