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NavmeshCut removal not always updating when placed on top of DynamicGridObstacle

I’m experiencing a scenario when removing an object that contains a navmesh cut in which the graph is not updating to reflect the newly removed object. It only seems to happen when the object is overlapping an object collider that contains a DynamicGridObstacle.

In this clip, you can see the removal of the vertical wall (NavmeshCut) does not fill in the space that was occupied by the wall collider. It is placed on top of a floor tile which has a dynamic grid obstacle. Then disabling the collider though, it finally updates.

here is a second video showing the behavior that is expected and what happens if it is not placed on top of a Dynamic grid obstacle:


A dynamic grid obstacle will rescan the part of the navmesh that it touches. Most likely what happens is that your object with a navmesh cut is being included in the scan, and thus baked into the navmesh. You should make sure that this object is ignored when scanning the graph by setting the appropriate layer and checking to make sure that the layer is excluded from the A* Inspector → Recast Graph → Layer Mask setting.