NavmeshCut doesn't cut properly when rotated

I noticed that some Navmesh Cut objects on some cubes in my scene were not cutting properly depending on how the cube was rotated. What I’ve found is that if I enable the “Use Rotation and Scale” option on the Navmesh Cut, it actually causes the object to have no depth along some of its axes.

This video shows an example of this:

Basically, the cube here as a 2x2 Navmesh Cut, with height 2. When the scene starts, it properly cuts the navmesh, as expected, and you can see the Navmesh Cut gizmo properly bounding it. But if I rotate the cube and then step forward one frame to cause AStar to update, notice how the cut becomes just a sliver, and the gizmo for the Cut gets skewed.

If I turn off “Use Rotation and Scale”, it cuts properly again, but obviously looses any orientation accuracy.

This is on a brand new Recast graph, set to rasterize colliders. Does it look like I’m using navmesh cuts incorrectly here? Am I wrong to think that “Use Rotation and Scale” should allow the object to be rotated arbitrarily?


The video does not seem to be working, do you think you can re-upload it?

I think it’s just not auto-playing or embedding properly? If you go to the URL directly it seems to work:

https ://


A navmesh cut is defined by a 2D outline (which can be rotated). So the behavior you are seeing is expected. Doing a 3D projection would be significantly slower.

I see. So the Apply Rotation and Scale only refers to rotations on the 2D plane, not rotations in 3D. I guess I’ll stick with not using Apply Rotation and Scale for fully dynamic objects which can end up flipping onto their sides. Maybe I can put three cuts on an object, facing world Up, Right, and Forward, if I ever need to fake a 3D projection…


It applies to all rotations. The 2D outline will just be projected down when it is rotated, so it will appear thinner.