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Navmesh cutting and object pooling



I use gameobject pooling with a navmesh cut script attached to them.

I want to prevent the navmesh cut script from canceling the graph update (the cut) when my object is returned to the pool (getting disabled)?

There is anyway to control navmesh cutting “mannualy” without relaying on the enabled/disabled state of navmesh cut script ?

Thank you



Sorry for the late answer. I am currently traveling and I lost my laptop on a flight, so I haven’t been able to work for a while.

So you want to remove the navmesh cut, but you want the navmesh to stay the same?
That is not possible I’m afraid. The navmesh cuts must be there for the cut to continue to exist. This is necessary because whenever anything changes inside a tile, all cuts must be recalculated. If the navmesh cut component doesn’t exist anymore (or is pooled) then it won’t know how to preserve the navmesh there.