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Moving a Game object from below the recast graph using a bezier curve

Hi All,

I have a building that spawns flying units, the spawn position is not on the recast graph level but much lower, I have a bezier curve attached to the spawn position, on placement of this building the last point of the bezier curve is lifted to the y value of the recast graph.

Currently when I spawn the unit it just falls and falls and falls, is it possible for this to be configured so that when the unit spawns it’s position is fixed and then sent along the bezier curve until it reaches the recast graph?

I noticed a move along function for bezier curves which I am looking at using, I just need to try and stop the unit from falling, I presume it’s due to not finding it’s target graph and just drops?

Any direction or even possible thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated


You can disable all the movement script and potential CharacterControllers/Rigidbodies while animating the character, then enable them once the animation stops.


Thanks for the tip I will have a go with that and see what happens :+1: