Migrating from Unity NavMesh to A* Pathfinding for a simulation game

Hello, I am migrating the project to use A* Pathfinding Pro and have a few questions that I would like to ask.

(1) Is there anything similar to a NavMeshSurface component?

My project allows the player to dynamically placing a building on a terrain. Currently, all building prefabs will be attached with the NavMeshSurface component that baked and saved individual NavMesh data. This is very convenient since instantiating a prefab means all NavMesh data of that building is loaded together and works automatically without any extra effort.

I am unable to find a similar way to recreate this using A* Pathfinding. It seems that only 1 Pathfinder instance is allowed per scene. In this case, how am I able to record specific NavMesh data for a building and save it along with the prefab?

Moreover, I also notice that RecastGraph does not move the generated NavMesh data along with the game object. You have to press rescan to update it manually. There should be a way to hardly bind baked NavMesh data with a game object like Unity’s NavMeshSurface.

(2) Is it possible to adjust NodeLink2 width?

Unity has provided the NavMeshLink as a way to connect 2 separate NavMeshes together, and there is a field that you can specified width. However, I cannot find a way to configure this value with the NodeLink2 component.

Thank you very much for your help.


  1. No, there’s nothing closesly matching that.

In general there is no way to bake the navmesh data with a prefab in this package.
Instead, you are recommended to re-scan that part of the graph when you place a building. If it’s just an obstacle you can use NavmeshCutting (https://arongranberg.com/astar/docs/navmeshcutting.html) which is much faster.

  1. I’m afraid not. The NodeLinks in this package are only point to point. In general Unity has slightly better support for off mesh links.