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Make part of collisions obstacle traversable

I have a gridGraph like this:
Captura de Pantalla 2022-06-14 a las 14.46.41

In which the streets have ‘street’ layer which by collision testing serves as obstacle for the ships.

I’m trying to implement bridges, and they need to belong to the street layer for certain reasons.
Captura de Pantalla 2022-06-14 a las 14.47.09
(this segment is the bridge I want the ship to go across)

So my question is if somehow I can do something to the bridge segment to ‘allow’ the ship to detect a path across it. I’ve been trying setting ‘Bridge’ nodes there and setting them as ‘Travessable’ I the Seeker setup but doesn’t seem to work, maybe the street collider has preference over it? Should it work? is there any way?

Edit: to explain better:
Captura de Pantalla 2022-06-14 a las 15.57.54

I want the bridge to connect both sides of the graph.

thanks in advance!

I thik I just solved the problem… In order to preserve the streetnetwork I can set the streetGrid with 2 layers: streets and a new one called bridge… but for the water grid just set street as obstacle.

Just for curiosity, is there any other way ?


Any suggestions Aaron ? :sweat_smile:


It looks like you want the layered grid graph. That will allow you to have nodes on top of the bridge and water nodes below it.
The layered grid graph is only available in the pro version, though. I’m not sure which you are using.

Pro version, not sure what you mean by ‘layered’ grid graph, but im using 2 grid graphs, 1 for streets and one for sea and their obstacles are set by collisions with layer masks. Is this what you mean?

No there’s a separate graph type called the layered grid graph. Check the “Add Graph” dropdown.

Ah true, still, I think I made it work with my setup, the only struggle im having now is with nodes but thats another subject.

What I did is for the street network I use the mask ‘bridge’ and ‘street’, and for the sea the obstacle is just street, this way the bridge gap is not considered as an obstacle and the seeker can calculate paths and travel across the bridges