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Little help: Grid Graph Navmesh Bake Issues

Hello :]

I was wondering why these little rocks were generating impassable terrains - they have no colliders attached to them. All the other small rocks and props don’t generate invalid terrains (this is what I want, since they have no colliders). I was wondering how I can fix this.

Also is it possible to paint pathing on grid graph? Like manually paint a grid point on or off - like in sc2 editor.

Also also, I’m getting errors trying to attach a 2mb picture - even though the error says the limit is 16mb.

Thanks in advance!

I think by default, it creates the navmesh based on meshes not colliders so check if you have the proper one selected here:

Hey bud I’m not using recast - I’m not fond of how it bakes the nav, it has almost the same problems as the built in nav mesh (at least in terms of nav baking).