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Link 2 plus Simple Smooth


It appears that using a smoothing modifier will cause the seeker to miss the link. In my case, this link has a trigger that activates a jump pad for the AI, so I need to AI to walk over it directly.

Is there any way to exclude links from smoothing, or otherwise force the seeker to move directly to the link?



Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been sick these last few weeks.

If you are using a recast graph, the RichAI has much better support for links. Now, the RichAI itself doesn’t support the smoothing modifier, but in general its movement is nicer on recast graphs anyway. So I would recommend that you try it out.

See also Movement scripts - A* Pathfinding Project

Hey no worries, take care!

I unfortunately cannot use RichAI to control movement as my AI uses custom kinematic bodies to move, but I was able to nail down the RichPath and use that to get things working along with a custom component added to navmesh links to define what kind of link it is.

Unfortunately it doesnt look like this supports any modifiers. Disappointing, but workable at least.

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