Issues with high thread count CPUs

Hi there, we are investigating an issue in our released game that uses A* Pro with recast graphs using one thread and RichAI on AI agents. It seems only on very high thread count CPUs, specifically the Intel® Core™ i9-10900K with 10 cores and 20 threads, that the pathfinding starts to behave extremely unusually, some AI will all gravitate towards the same spot (despite normally randomly wandering around) , sometimes the AI will go back and forth repeatedly on the same path and sometimes the AI will just spin on the spot indefinitely. Check out this YouTube video

Wondering if anyone has ever heard of any issues with that CPU specifically or has any suggestions about what to try to resolve it.

Does the same thing happen if you restrict the pathfinding system to use a fixed number of threads (A* Inspector -> Settings -> Threads).

We are restricting A* pathfinder to a single thread (“One”) already

What are your agent settings?

The agent moves position with root motion. The rotation speed is changed dynamically based on the agents speed.