Infinite 2d terrain

Hi all,

I just started to test the A* project framework if it is suitable to be used in my game. One special feature of this game is, that the terrain is infinite. This is implented by moving the player and all objects by an offset in an arbitary direction. Currently i update the graph at the last and the new position of all active gameobjects. The problem here is, that in the instant when the gameworlds “jumps” the graph is wrong for about a second. Is there a better solution for my usecase? Or has somebody a tip to adapt the astar framework for my needs?

Thanks in advance!


P.S: I currently use the free version. But i plan to upgrade when I get this working.


Probably you want to call when the world jumps, since the whole graph would need updating. Scan would be instant.
When using graph update objects, it might take a split second for it to update, but it is guaranteed that it will be done before the next path request (unless you are using ‘Limit Graph Updates’ in the A* Inspector -> Settings).