Implementing this Project in pure 2D game

bought your asset. It looks very promising and flexible.
I check tutorial, read the documentation, however still have a question. :slight_smile:

What do we have:
a. 2D game.
b. Visible part consist of matrix of GameObjects.
c. Graphics on the screen are SpriteRender attached to these objects.

So, did I understand right - to make this package to actually work I need to create a 3D object like box and hide it inside every single GameObject I want to be an obstacle? Collider2D will not help (I tried, lol).


Check out the 2D example scene that is included in the package, that will show you how to configure it for a 2D game. 2D Colliders work just fine (as long as you enable 2D physics in the grid graph settings).

Thank you! I think I just missed something.

Okay. Sorry again, I fee a bit of a doofus.
Remade everything again and tried to follow example to the closest.

Gave every single tile a box collider, so nothing should be passable, but only the center one is marked this way for some reason.
I run scan both after pooling all my tiles on screen and tried to press it in inspector. However, no avail.
Suspect that my mistake is very stupid one. :slight_smile:


It looks like the path is going around the tiles as it should in that screenshot? Iā€™m not quite sure what the issue you are having?

Okay. I am doofus, I see my mistake. Thank you for quick response.

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