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How to use this plug-in in dots combat (purchased)

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Hi, everyone,
How can I apply this pathfinding plug-in to dots combat? I have purchased this plug-in,
However, it is intended to be used in the dots + ECS games recently,
This battlefield needs about 1200 small soldiers to fight, but I donโ€™t quite understand how to use this plug-in and how to combine this plug-in with dots + ECs?
Because the technology of dots is very different from the previous development methods,
So I want to ask you, if I want to use this plug-in in dots,
What should I do? Do you need to refactor the source code of this plug-in?
Thank you for your browsing and look forward to your reply. Thank you again

It is June 2022. Does it support dots + ECS?


There is no support for ECS in the built-in movement scripts. However, several users have successfully written wrappers around the pathfinding and written custom movement scripts to use it from ECS.
Some systems are burstified in the beta version. Like scanning recast graphs, scanning grid graphs and the local avoidance.

OK, thank you for your reply. Do you have any plans to support ECS in the future?
In addition, if you want to use pathfinding in ECs, have you seen the easy-to-use GitHub open source library?

Which one are you referring to?

I have some vague plans for it, but unlikely in the near future.

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Hello, I mean a* or JPS pathfinding using dots. I wonder if you have seen any similar easy-to-use projects on GitHub? Thank you for your reply