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How to use plastic SCM with two different A* licenses


My friend and I are working on a project together. We are using Unity’s Plastic SCM system. Both of us have purchased A* and are installing the beta via Unity’s package manager. We’re running into an issue where the manifest.json is checked in to version control, but A* requires us to specify our keys in the manifest.json. Because of this, we can’t commit changes to the manifest.json without commiting our keys (at least not easily without scrubbing our keys before committing). Is there a way we can specify our keys elsewhere (as an environment variable or maybe with an .npmrc file) without committing them to SCM?


Hmm. Tricky. Currently, the Unity Package Manager doesn’t really have great support for authentication, so I’ve had to use the URL-in-manifest workaround. I would say that the best solution for your project is to use only one of your licenses in the common project and commit the manifest.json file. Since it is presumably a private project anyway, there is no risk of the keys leaking.

We can do that. However, we saw in this website’s prompt that a key may be revoked/flagged if used from more than one account. Is there a way we can avoid that?


Should be fine, I think. I don’t think it’s enough to trigger the limit.

Sounds good. We’ll give it a shot. Thanks!