How to put pathfinding into idle with no cpu consumption?

Hi All,

We are having problems scaling the number of GameObjects that use A*.
We thought setting
this.canMove = false; this.canSearch = false;
Would shutdown the state loops.
Developer said it is in a invokeRepeating so you can’t ever stop cpu consumption.
They suggested modify core A* code to get around it?

Any suggesting on designs for scaling?


Will forward answer to the Developer.

Thanks for the support and great product!


canSearch will turn off searching for new paths, so no pathfinding will be done.
canMove will turn off movement, so almost all the CPU cost during update will be removed.
There will be a tiny tiny cost for just calling Update and a tiny for another loop which is running, but it is so tiny you can just ignore it.

The system does not use invokeRepeating in any way (because it is slow).