How to detect a link between two sets of nodes on a point graph?

Hi, I’ve created a point graph with two sets of distant nodes and I would like to link these two sets of nodes and have something cool happen when the AI traverses the link. I see the Link script, and it specifically mentions I can’t detect this link, so I’ve tried Link2 but that doesn’t appear to work on a point graph, and the example mentioned appears to be Pro-only, so, I’m not sure what to do.



The NodeLink can indeed not be detected usually since it looks exactly like any other connection between nodes in a point graph. If the nodes are separated in space the easiest solution might be to apply a tag to the nodes in one of the sets and then check when you are traversing a connection if the tag is different between the two nodes. This can be done using the GraphUpdateScene component or using scripting. See
NodeLink2 does indeed not currently work that well with point graphs unfortunately.

Is this still true? I have a point graph where I would like to change the agent speed while traversing certain links.