How do I change the way the ai moves?

I have another ai for an enemy that makes it patrol around the scene,. when the game isn’t playing it faces left and will continue to face that way if told to move left. The A* pathfinding ai is also on this enemy, but when i make it so it has to move left, the enemy face down and moves sideways. How do i make it so they both face the same way when moving?


Do you think you could show a screenshot of this? I don’t understand exactly what you are asking.

The top photo is the astar ai moving and the bottom one is my other ai moving prom point to point. i want them to face the same way


The included movement scripts rotate the agent so that the +Y axis is in the forwards direction of the agent as is a common convention for Unity 2D games. You will have to either modify your script to also do this, or modify the AIPath script slightly so that they use the same convention.

the movement is handled in the the AIpath script right? if so, what line does it actually move the agent?

The final movement/rotation is handled by the AIBase.FinalizeMovement method. For position it is handled in AIBase.FinalizePosition.