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How can I move agent across gird graphs?

I’m developing 2D game which using grid graphs.
I wanna attach several grid graphs to use grid graphs on a massive map. (maybe over 2 million nodes)
How can I connect or move agent across grid graphs?

Our team is using pro version, however I couldn’t find the solution of this problem.


If you have a massive map like that, I would recommend that you use the recast graph instead. Unless you are also using a lot of penalties and tags, a recast graph is usually better for large worlds.
I would also recommend that you use a single graph instead of two smaller ones. The grid graphs are limited to 1024x1024 nodes artificially in the code. You can remove this limitation by editing the GridGenerator.cs script, but keep in mind that 2 million nodes will use a lot of memory and might not be that performant.

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Thank you so much, I’ll try.