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How accurate is UpdateGraphs(bounds)?


I have some code that basically just grabs each subcolliders bounds on my object and then calls UpdateGraphs(bounds).

I seem to have issues though which mean it does not always update the exact grid square the collider is part of and sometimes it ‘spills over’ into another square. I might be missing something basic here. Here is a screenshot of an example of where my colliders are not within the grid square circled and yet when completing the UpdateGraphs(bounds) calls on the colliders that grid square ‘outside’ the colliders bounds gets updated to be non-walkable.

FYI - only the box colliders shown are used to update the graph and no other colliders are used.

Any pointers?



This depends on your grid graph settings. Check the Grid Graph -> Collision Testing -> Diameter setting.

Thanks Aron,

I played around with the setting and tweaked where my colliders were and managed to get it working as I would like.


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