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Height testing in version 4.2.17

we upgraded from version 4.2.15 to 4.2.17 and now the height testing is not working the same anymore. Not sure if its a bug or some setting changed.

We use a grid graph where agents walk with the AIPath script. The agents use the project settings gravity and that is set to (0,0,0). So no gravity.

We have a stair where the agents go up. That works fine. But when they go down the Y coordinate doesn’t change. They just float in the air and dont adjust vertically.

I can activate gravity but that causes some other problems and we don’t really need gravity. The agents should just stay on the grid at all times.

Also if I look at the path from the seeker in the editor its at the correct position.

Before the upgrade this worked fine. Any idea why this happens?


Not sure what could have changed. I can’t see anything relevant that would have changed between 4.2.15 and 4.2.17 in the AIPath script.
However, I think the behavior is the expected one. If gravity is disabled, the agent will not make any attempt at adjusting its y position. It doesn’t follow the path, because y coordinates of paths are rarely that accurate.
If you want something that follows the path precisely I would recommend the AILerp movement script.
Otherwise I’m afraid some extra code is needed to adjust the agent’s y coordinate.