Grid following a game object

I’m making a space sim game in which the game has orbiting celestial bodies. I figured i could just use a graph generator to make a the graphs I need and set it thought that to keep up with the planets as they move. the problem is that I’m not sure about what values I need to put in order to have a box graph instead of the sphere graph that is in the documentation and I’m having a hard time find the default one that comes with the package


Could you explain a bit more? Not sure what you meant with BoxGraph.
And what graph type was it that you weren’t able to find?

the normal square graph you get when you make a graph through the wizard

Sorry, but didn’t you say that you could not find it? It sounds now like you have found it… The one in A* Inspector -> Graphs -> Add New Graph -> Grid Graph.

i referring to the code. i just wanted 2 things to reference before i attempting to code my own grid with out making a funky shape. but don’t worry about it now as i switch to a point graph