A* Pathfinding Project

Graph generated using tiles has missing node connections



I have problem when generating Recast Graph when using tiles, basically there are connections missing between nodes in neighboring tiles.

Below example of simple scene that can generate this problem:

No tiles(no problems):

With tiles(missing connections):

In some places the connections are generated correctly but in other places, highlighted red/orange on screenshot, the connections are missing, some areas are even completely inaccessible like one marked with orange.

This happens both when using Rasterize Meshes or Rasterize Colliders.

In this particular scene this is no big deal since scan takes fraction of a second but we have very big scenes in out project that take a lot time to scan when not using tiles.

What can be done to fix this issue?



One thing that I notice in the settings is that you have ‘walkable climb = 0’. Possibly due to floating point errors the neighbouring tiles are not at exactly the same y coordinate and would thus not be connected. I’d suggest increasing that field a bit.


Thank You for fast reply, that solved the problem.