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I’m sorry to write here but it’s the only way of communicating with the Dev that I can find. I’m looking into Aline. Is it discontinued? It’s forum link points to this one. It says it’s well documented but the doc section has no content. There is no other way of asking question, I could find no email, discord etc.

So my question is what is the proper way of getting support for Aline?

I have looked at everything but I’m still not sure if Aline is usefull also for in game graphics or only for debugging?

It says it can draw lines and Curves but I see no example.

Overall the examples are very few.

Thanks in advance.


This forum is the proper way. It is not discontinued.

Huh, that’s odd. The online documentation works perfectly fine for me:

It is perfectly usable for in-game graphics. However, the library itself is primarily focused on debugging and visualization, so it may not have all the features you want for an in-game drawing library.

There are 3 included example scenes, one of those shows gizmos (including lines), and one allows you to draw bezier curves. Have you looked at those?
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That’s great! I think the doc problem is due to my phone browser then. Is asset is exactly what I need. One more question. If I use the bezier or carmul to make a curve would it be possible to get the y value of a point when giving a certain x value?

Thank you!


It is possible to evaluate a bezier curve with the CommandBuilder.EvaluateCubicBezier(p0, p1, p2, p3, t) function. However it is not possible to get the y coordinate for a given x coordinate. In general, for bezier and catmul rom curves there may be more than one (even infinitely many) points that have a given x coordinate.