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Getting an object to jump?

I’m reading the documentation as I go and I’ve been searching through the forums to find ways to get my AI to jump over obstacles. I’m using the AIPath provided, and just quickly wondering how to view the Y-Axis?

I’m going to check when the y-axis hits a certain value, it will do a jump animation.

I will continue searching and analyzing the example code some more.

I referenced this article,


The AIPath movement script does not support that. If you need something similar you will need to modify it slightly. If you open it you should be able to check the position of the next waypoint in the path, check the y coordinate of that and compare it with your agent’s y coordinate.

Has the AIPath script changed since this question was asked? I can’t seem to find the waypoint path variables to get their y coordinates.

It has, quite a lot yes. You can probably use the ai.steeringTarget property.