Generate a more detailed path for drawing

Hello, I guess the title might be confusing but I’ll try to explain in the simplest way possible.

If I do something like:

var abPath = ABPath.Construct(start, destination, OnPathCalculated);

Where the start point is at 0,0,0 and end point is at 10, 0, 0, the path.vectorPath list of Vector3 will have only 2 index which are basically start and end position as there are no obstacles or turns on the way. It’s all good that’s the spirit.

But where it gets problematic to not have a more detailed path is when you use something like a Line Renderer to show the path at runtime and that path is going down a slope, or stair or anything basically that isn’t at the same height between start and end positions.

So the question is:
Is there a way to generate waypoints along the path where I would for example define an amount of waypoints that is calculated depending on the distance between Start and End for example I could define that the Path being 10 meters and I want a waypoint every 1 meter I should get a Path.vectorPath with 10 indexes instead of 2.

I know how to calculate how many waypoints I might need but I can’t figure out a way to iterate through the ABPath calculated Path and add those Waypoints that the AI will end up using.

A little help would be immensely appreciated.

In the worst case scenario my current workaround is to raycast along the path down to the ground every X meters but this is really dirty and has some issues of its own…

Thank you