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Gap between Recast graph using RecastMeshObj

I am working on npc Navigation. And I want my different npc can only walk in the designated area using Recast graph.At first, I try to use GraphUpdateScene, but i find it not performing well in the Recast graph.Then i find RecastNeshObj working with GraphUpdateScene really can divide an Recast graph into two area.But there is a problem that there always has a gap between two area,and i don’t know why.

And you can see a gap between purple area and the red area, I want them linked but are different area.


It looks like you have set the RecastMeshObj to Unwalkable Surface. Try setting it to WalkableSurfaceWithCustomID instead.

Sorry for so late to reply. I have tried to set CustomSurfaceArea,But it seems doesn’t work. And it will generate a surface on the Mesh. That’s not what i want.


Ah. I understand. The RecastMeshObj will not help you with this. You can however potentially use the NavmeshCut component with the ‘is-dual’ option enabled.