A* Pathfinding Project

Endless recalculation of the path from the destination


I using pro-version.
Pathfind-type: Recast.
Small map, small objects and short cuts.

The agent ALMOST INCIDES to a destination that is not blocked. And the endless movement to this point begins, then the agent passes by and tries to bring it back.

Every 3-10 secods animal going to random point.
Animation RUN work, if AIPath.velocity != Vector.zero
All settings, logs in video: https://youtu.be/oOt1JwN_Lz8?t=8

It’s normal or bug?


Up. Maybe there are developers of this product? I would be very grateful for the help.



Does your “Enemy” script apply any sort of movement? I see that it has a velocity field.
Are you using the RVONavmesh component somewhere in your scene?
Is any sort of root motion being applied?

  1. Enemy every 3-10 seconds a random point is selected, but the countdown of this time begins half as soon as it approaches the previous (reach) point at 0.6.
public class EnemyStateWander : State {
		public float nextWanderTime { get; private set; }
		public Enemy actor { get { return (Enemy) machine; } }

		public override void Enter() {
			actor.aiPath.destination = MovingUtils.RandomPoint(actor.spawnPosition, actor.homeRadius);

		public override void Execute() {

			if (!actor.aiPath.hasPath) {
			Debug.Log("==================== end path");
			nextWanderTime = Time.time + Random.Range(5.0f, 10.0f);

Entered to this State, if nextWanderTime < Time.time.

  1. enemy.moveSpeed not used.

  2. Yes, we are using RVO Simulator:


That was not what I asked about. I asked about the RVONavmesh component.


Sorry, misunderstood. RVONavmesh not using, only RVOController.


It should not be? I can add debags if tell me which way to work better.


Hmm… I’m not sure what could be the issue.
Do you get the same result if you try to create a new simple agent without any animation and other scripts? Just using the AIPath+Seeker scripts and optionally the AIDestinationSetter component.